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Du 20 au 21 octobre
En ligne

« Now in its 15th year, the Fast Casual Executive Summit is a unique opportunity for everyone involved. Much more than « just another trade show » it’s a chance for restaurant executives to get together in a casual work setting and learn from one another. Interactive sessions delve deep into topics that are on the minds of restaurant leaders today, and the Summit’s format allows the collective wisdom “in the room” to be distilled into concrete, actionable ideas that attendees take home with them.

This exclusive event is reserved for top-level restaurant executives — leaders and innovators of the fast casual industry. We bring together an experienced group of restaurant professionals whose common interests and concerns are brought to the table for open discussion in a fun and relaxing environment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Summit will be held virtually this year. We hope to be able to meet in person again in 2021. »

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